still mad

i still cant believe rigby stole my paypal.  i hav been getting the bills.  he isnot a good dog.


um where are they?

um okay so i cant finds either jayna or shane anywhere in the house does anyone kno where they are? i can still sord of smell them but not very much.  i has been defanitely noticing that there are a severe lack of walks!! shane, where are you!! i promis i will try to not be scared of you!! just come take me outside!! and jaynacan snugs too.

riggby is so more stupid

i still cant beleve rigy found my passwerd i am mad at him. he can be so annyoing sometims. but i was finding thru our old pictured and i found rigles in a bag!!! ok here is the picture!!!

i cant beleve hw was in a bag!!! at lest i think its a bag. i would never let shan edo that!!!

Liney is STupid!!

OKAY SO Liney posted today about his PAyPal acount.  HEs trying to be a sneaky so he changd his PASSWORD!!!1  But I READ the bolg post and i changd his password for him!!!!  AND SO I checkd out EBay and and i Got bones!!! See?: CHECK OUT THE BONES!!!  But I was bought them and they did not appeer.  SO I boght MORE BONES!!!  but still idid not have bones.  I checkd all the empty the holes in the computedr and sniffd all over but the smelled like only computer NOT bones!!!  PLease someone more bettr at computers can help me becaause I want bomes!!! I bougt them (SHHHOKAY so LINEY bought them but dont say to him I bought them!!!)  and i Want to have them.  The peopls do not gibve us bones but we love the bones.  I promis I will share the bones with LInus if you help me out.  I tryed calling teck support but i Got distrakted and strarted snifing things.  I NEED BONMES~!!!

more internetstuffs

ok so srry its been so long since i last post but i ve been busy plsying on the internet i have ben browsing the websites and trying new thingsout.  i has been checking the email really alot but nobody sends memails ( exept for wordpress when people make comment (and one dog!! hi nyah!!!)  so i guess blogdogs is mor for people than dogs oh well!!!  but dogs are still more betters than the people but people are good for snuggs!!  anywa yi am still scard of the internet i guesd i dont want to get my identidy stolen but i went and made a paypal account anyway so i could be leess scarrd.  so rgby cant axess it i made a diffrent password becaus he knows mywordpress passwrd but its okay because i know his too,. i used my favorit word lol byt they were said its too short!! i kno!w!  so i made it hahahalol becaus it is longer!!  i now!!  i am soch a funny blogdog!!

okay so scary noise

okay so i just heard a noise and it woke me up so i had to go inspectigate and save everyone else from the noise.  it was realy scary so i even just woke up and had to pertect.  everyone else from it.  and i get up and run to the noise but the door is locked!! !  we got trapped inside! and we are the only ones who can make the noise go away so i did the only this i could do and do best was yell at the noise and yell and bark!!! and i went back to the snuggs and made rigs get up and he hellped me bark and we yelled for a long time and then we stoppd and the noise wasnt making any more and so thats how we saved the day.  oh and then i blogged about it because i thought you should know.

I LOve Teknology

OKAY so I just figued out that we can put pixtures on our blog! I KNOW! So I made Liney help me just now and we can put up our new photos. Linus does not understand complicatd things, so i JUst made him sit and look cute for snuggs! ! LIke ALWAYS HE DOES!!! OKAY SO I know you are excited because pictures are cooL!!

PS I know i am not all in the picture. But I was busy typing BLOGS!  So YOU could have read something!  HAHALOLOL!!!